PureClean's® professional, bonded cleaners use natural,
non-toxic cleaning products to give your home a sparkling,
natural smelling clean.

Our products do not contain any toxic chemicals, are all plant-based, and are safe for you and your children. We promise you will be impressed by your freshly cleaned home. Our bonded, uniformed, friendly and professional cleaners set themselves apart from other cleaning companies. We have worked very hard to do that. For a detailed list of our products, or if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us here

Some people spend half their life inside closed areas like an office.
Improving the air quality and getting rid of harsh cleaning chemicals
means a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

Employers and employees both benefit from less harsh chemicals in the workplace.
Ask your employees how important air quality is to them and you'll find that less chemicals,
and better air quality rank high. Get a free commercial or office cleaning quote here

Special occasion? Superbowl party?
Let us handle the cleaning, you'll be happy you did.

Let PureClean's® team of professionals ease your mind with a one-time natural house cleaning. Whether it's a special occasion, or your just too busy this week, leave the messy stuff to us. Book your appointment today here.

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning.
Window cleaning the all-natural way.

PureClean's® team of professionals will bring your windows back to life, and make them sparkel without the use of harsh chemical soaps or degreasing agents. Ask us about our window/eaves cleaning special offer...and have a PureClean window cleaner at your door tomorrow! Book your appointment today by calling (416) 481-PURE or email us here .

Residential eavestrough cleaning.

Cleaning your eavestrough can be a pain each year. Not to mention hard on your back and dangerous. Let PureClean's® team of professionals take care of the nasty job of removing dirt, leaves, branches and other debris that can clog up your eavestrough. Give us a call or send us an email today for a FREE quote. Book your appointment today by calling (416) 481-PURE or email us here .