Kitchen cleaning products can be some of the harshest.

Some kitchen cleaning products contain really bad stuff for you and your

children like Isopropanol, Sodium carbonate, chloroform, and even benzene.
We use cleaning products which are plant based, biodegradable and leave a
fresh, natural scent. Our natural all purpose cleaner has 3 ingredients.
These ingredients with the incredible and unmatched quality of micro-fibre cloths,
leaves a remarkable clean. Book your appointment today here

Some cleaning companies tend to use harsh, even toxic big "name brand" chemicals on your floors that come in close, daily contact with kids and pets. We don't.

Children and pets are especially vulnerable to toxins on the floor as they have greater exposure than adults. As a parent, you know your child’s hands are always in their mouth. Meaning that whatever residues remain on the surfaces they touch, such as the floors, are more likely to be ingested. And lets face it, they spend way more time on the floor than they do on their feet, so it’s critical that your floor cleaner doesn’t leave any toxic residue behind. Natural cleaning products are the safest option for you and your family. Book your appointment today here

We pride ourselves on honestly, and well, natural products sometimes have a hard time in this room. So we designed an all natural cleaner and disinfectant that will blow you away.

Feel comfortable knowing you will be coming home to a sparkling clean washroom, toilet and shower. Book your appointment today here

Streak-free, sparkling clean glass and mirrors without chemicals like ammonia.

Most glass and surface cleaners contain ammonia, and other harsh chemicals that often cause headaches. Does that sound normal to you? Our natural glass cleaner leaves a sparkling, streak-free shine without the unhealthy chemicals the other guys use here

Whether dusting, straightening, tidying, or simply refreshing your bedroom, you'll come home to a fresh, sparkling clean.

When you are really busy, sometimes even making your own bed can be a chore. We can help. Book your appointment today here

Micro-Fiber cloths provide the ultimate in
new cleaning technology.

We cannot say enough about the benefits of cleaning a surface with
micro-fiber cloths. They remove up to 40% more surface dirt and bacteria
than cotton. Each micro-fiber cloth is like a tiny "fish hook" that catches
and removes dirt and bacteria.